Welcome to our Fishing Interest Group !!Edit

Welcome to our fishing interest Group. This wiki is dedicated to fishermen from Republic Polytechnic. Do consider reading our website if you have a hobby in fishing or like to admire fishes. Upon completing our 3 days and 2 nights fishing course, you will be awarded a Diploma in fishing from Republic Polytechnic!

History of Fishing IGEdit

Our fishing history dates back to 1300 BC, where 5 people in Republic Poly came together for a passion for fishing, there, fishing came about as a sport, and competitive fishing soon became popular.

Boat fishing

This is a picture of 2 men fishing. (Duh!)

About Fishing Interest GroupEdit

Fishing is the activity of catching fish through various techniques such as spearing, hand-gathering, netting, angling and trapping. Founded 2015, the Fishing IG is a one of-a-kind IG found only in Republic Polytechnic. The aim of the IG is to enrich the lives of students with the joy of fishing. Fishing also helps to relieve stress after days of studying and let us be closer to nature. Join Fishing IG and learn all about nature!


We aim to strive ethical fishing for all our members.

Our ValuesEdit

To Fish, To Excel, To Overcome


  1. Won the LongKang Fish compeition in 1997,1998, 1999, 2000.
  2. Won Gold with honours in the Singapore Fish Festival ( SFF )

Types of fishing locationsEdit

Other than indoor-fishing venues, there are many locations to fish. Some locations are:

  1. Bedok Jetty
  2. Sembawang Park
  3. Changi Beach
  4. Labrador Park
  5. Pasir Ris Park
  6. MacRitchie Reservior

Board of DirectorsEdit

  1. Glenn Yeo ( CEO & Chairman )
  2. Kelly Lim ( COO )
  3. Benedict Yeo ( Fishing President )
  4. Lynette ( Fishing Secretary )
  5. Izzat ( Fisherman Expert ) 
Sf pomfw04g

This is a Pomfret, a type of fish that can be catched in singapore

Contact UsEdit

To comittee members, you can reach us via our Facebook, Linkin, and Instagram for updates !

Latest activityEdit

Learning The Basics: We will have senior members of our fishing Interest Group to teach the basics of fishing to newly-joined members.

Monthly Team Fishing Competition 2015: Form teams of 3 and compete with others. The team with the highest weight of fishes caught after 3 hours will win lucrative and attractive prizes.

Meet-And-Greet session with top fishing professionals: We have invited the top 2 fishing professionals to give some tips about fishing and give autographs to the audience.

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Test your knowledge about fish: Identify the various types and names of fishes. In addition, learn fun facts on these fishes.
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